Our Strategy 2030

Learning is at the heart of what we do. Learning takes place throughout the entire lifespan: in the womb, at home, in daycare, at school, and at work. Research shows that the early years are a crucial period for learning and that human beings have an enormous capacity to learn, especially given favorable conditions and surroundings.   

Three decades of work in child and youth development have shown us that relevant systems and institutions often fail to provide children and youth with effective skills, tools, and equitable opportunities to reach their learning potential and fulfill their aspirations.  

This is why, over the next ten years, we will seek to promote evidence-based decision making in public policy and corporate practices, with a view to providing children with relevant learning opportunities so that they are able to acquire the skills they need to thrive, and to improving society in the face of change and uncertainty  

By 2030, the Jacobs Foundation aims to become a leading learning foundation, supporting learning systems in selected low, middle, and highresource contexts. To reach this goal, we will  

  • connect evidence to action, and action to systems in order to promote learning across various contexts 
  • focus on understanding and embracing variability in learning, particularly during the early years (ages 2-12) and early transitions 
  • promote globally the generation, transfer, and practical application of evidence on human learning and development 
  • invest locally in programs aimed at transforming education systems in selected contexts 
  • initiate multi-stakeholder partnerships among governments, industry, schools, and social purpose organizations in an effort to leverage resources and increase the capacity to jointly scale up effective education policies and practices

Consequently, we will structure our activities along three interwoven dimensions of learning: Learning Minds, Learning Schools, and Learning Societies. Programmatic details of our new strategy will be published in December 2020, and will come into effect in January 2021.

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