Our Strategy 2030

Learning is at the heart of what we do. Learning takes place throughout the entire lifespan: in the womb, at home, in day care, at school, and at work. Research shows that the early years are a crucial period for learning and that children have an enormous capacity to learn, especially given favorable conditions and surroundings.

However, three decades of work in child and youth development have shown us that learning systems and institutions around the world often fail to nurture children’s learning potential and support them in fulfilling their aspirations. This is why, over the next ten years, we are increasing our ambition and are committing 500 million Swiss francs to co-create evidence-based ideas for learning, to support schools in offering quality education and sharing best practices, and to transform education systems around the world.

Our aim is to enable learning systems in diverse contexts to provide children and youth with effective knowledge, skills, attitudes, tools, and equitable opportunities to reach their full learning potential and thrive together. Our work is structured around the core focus of understanding and embracing variability in learning during the early years (ages 2-12) and early transitions. Our approach is designed to foster learning from evidence to action to systems across diverse contexts.

To achieve this, we are building on our core competences:

  • Evidence Generator and Translator: Funding research excellence to promote the generation and practical use of evidence on human learning and development with impact on policy and practice.
  • Partnership Innovator: Igniting multi-stakeholder coalitions between governments, industry, schools, and social purpose organizations in an effort to leverage resources and increase the capacity to jointly scale up effective education policies and practices.
  • Policy Entrepreneur: Supporting policy innovation by facilitating access to knowledge, data, and tools, to promote learning and practice improvement, instigate change processes, and inspire leadership approaches to strengthen the entire system.
  • Catalytic Investor: Using innovative financial instruments to create positive impact at scale and enable third party investments that otherwise would not be possible.

Our strategy is grounded in our commitment to being a leading learning foundation that embraces a culture of learning and proactively shares what is learned to inspire systems change transformation beyond our direct reach.

Our portfolios are structured along three interwoven dimensions of learning—Learning Minds, Learning Schools, and Learning Societies—that form the bedrock of our 2030 strategy.

Factsheet Jacobs Foundation Strategy 2030

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