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Our work is centered around partnerships. Our programs enable collaboration with a wide spectrum of education stakeholders, both globally and nationally, with a specific emphasis on researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

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We are building a global, multidisciplinary research community in support of our Strategy 2030. We want to increase our understanding of how children differ in their learning and support the use of evidence-based policy and practice in schools and EdTech. We have supported the creation of a collaborative network – Connecting the EdTech Research Ecosystem (CERES) – that will enable digital technologies to be better tailored to children’s educational needs. Our Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program rewards early- and mid-career researchers, while the bi-annual Klaus J Jacobs Awards honor research and policy solutions put forward by institutions and individuals to improve education systems.

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We work to improve the use of evidence in schools and EdTech as a critical element of transforming education systems and ensuring that all children can realize their learning potential. We do this by collaborating with school and EdTech aggregators – entities that network and organize groups of schools or EdTech companies and play a key role in helping them access and use knowledge and resources that are beyond the reach of individual schools or EdTech providers. Through our Schools Action Learning Exchange (SALEX) and Learning EdTech Impact Funds (LEIF) initiatives we actively promote the generation and use of evidence in school practice and EdTech product development.

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We collaborate with policymakers in government, both to generate research and then put it into practice in educational systems, in order to have a greater, more sustainable impact on children’s learning. By facilitating access to knowledge, data, and research capacity, we can not only support policy innovation, but also inspire leadership approaches that strengthen the entire education system. We are working with many visionary policymakers in Switzerland, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Colombia to turn our vision into reality for every child. 

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We work with a network of partners to seek innovative ways to promote children’s learning and development.