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21 September 2023

Supporting collaboration through interactive Learning Ecosystems Map

The Jacobs Foundation launches interactive online Learning Ecosystems Map. The map is designed to facilitate greater knowledge and understanding of Learning Ecosystems (LES), which strive to nourish learners as individuals and create holistic outcomes. This focus on learner centricity is in line with the Foundation’s research agenda, which seeks to advance research on learning variability. The map […]

Primary school girl wearing headphones in a lesson
19 September 2023

Chance Digitalität: Enabling Swiss schools to adapt to the digital culture

The Jacobs Foundation, together with staatslabor, have recently launched Chance Digitalität, a program created to enable school administrators develop a new understanding of teaching and learning in a digital culture.  The initiative aims to provide Switzerland’s federal education system with new solutions to help children adapt to the increasing digitalization of education. It aims to […]

LEAP Winner announcement
23 August 2023

Education organizations take a LEAP to advance their evidence journey

10 organizations have been selected by MIT Solve and the Jacobs Foundation to address global learning challenges as the 2023 LEAP Project Host winners. In May 2022, the Jacobs Foundation, launched LEAP (Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote change), a global initiative that brings together researchers and social entrepreneurs to support education organizations to generate evidence and […]

Children work together on a laptop computer in a classroom
8 August 2023
Media Release

Maximizing opportunities for digitalization in Swiss education

Jacobs Foundation launches new research consortium to advance equity in Swiss primary schools by maximizing the opportunities in the digitalization of education The Jacobs Foundation has launched a new research consortium that will focus on digital learning environments and cross-curricular competencies in Swiss primary schools. The ongoing transformation of educational systems, accelerated by the pandemic, […]


Annual Report 2022

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Jacobs Foundation’s activities, institution, and finances.

Formative Assessment Spotlight – Improving Learning for Every Child

The Jacobs Foundation and Finnish education organization HundrED have released a new report highlighting 14 formative assessment solutions that support teaching and learning.

Annual Report 2021

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Jacobs Foundation’s activities, institution, and finances.


CEPS study on the socio-political work of nonprofit organizations and grantmaking foundations.

Transforming social policy, education, and children’s lives

The Jacobs Foundation program Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities (TRECC) published a report today, documenting work over the last five years to improve the living conditions of farmers and their children in Côte d’Ivoire.

OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills

The OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills survey identifies and assesses the conditions and practices that foster or hinder the development of social and emotional skills for 10- and 15-year-old students from around the world.


Emerald & Jacobs Foundation Vol. 1 – Impact in education through research-practice partnerships

Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) are structured collaborations between practitioners – so the agencies with responsibility for delivering education, such as schools and the bodies governing and administering them, and those researching in the field of education such as universities, research institutions, or other groups that conduct research.

Emerald & Jacobs Foundation Vol. 2 – Impact in education through embedding research into school-level practice

How can research and data uncover the best practices in schools around the world and help school leaders make decisions around what strategies and tools to use? Find out what resources school leaders and teachers need, particularly those in under-resourced education systems, and how they can be supported by the wider research community.

Emerald & Jacobs Foundation Vol. 3 – Impact in education through involving teachers in research

Three experts discuss how research methods can be integrated into the classroom, the impact gained in education through involving teachers in research, and the obstacles faced along the way. Our guests will share their experiences and views as well as inspiring stories from around the world. This episode is produced in partnership with BOLD and the podcast series Teachers’ Voices.

BOLD – Teachers’ Voices: How gender equality in education can benefit all children

How can teachers promote gender equality? How easy is it to start challenging stereotypes in the classroom? Can gender responsive pedagogies help break down the barriers holding girls back?

The BOLD podcast: How do children generate new ideas?

If we want to help children succeed and thrive so that they can reach their full potential, we need to understand their mental, biological, and emotional needs.

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