Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Sehr Tejpar

Oxford Saïd

Sehr began her career working in Kenya at the flagship of a new global network of national International Baccalaureate schools across 14 countries, aiming to prepare the next generation of global leaders by providing needs-blind scholarships. Over the last seven years she has dedicated herself to the tough question of how to promote quality learning for all. Working with the Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan Development Network, she has piloted and co-developed programmes related to pluralism in education and strengthening teachers’ ability to meet global standards in teaching and learning.

As a frontline educator, development practitioner, and MBA student, she is interested in applying real-time insight on what works in education to scale quality learning experiences for students of all backgrounds – with or without the means to pay.

Sehr hopes to use the Jacobs Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship and her MBA at Oxford Saïd Business School to further explore impact investing to improve livelihoods and opportunities for private sector investment in education.