Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Neha Gupta

University of Pennsylvania

Neha Gupta is creating innovative ways to build durable skills for student success in academics, in work, and in life. 

Gupta has been an educational entrepreneur for 15 years, serving students through tutoring, college admissions consulting, and skills training through her companies Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts. She is a three-time best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, and over 100 media outlets. Her companies have been ranked as some of Houston Business Journal’s fastest growing companies of 2020. She also is a philanthropist who is involved with many initiatives through her non-profit Dream Life Foundation.

Over twelve years of working with students globally, Gupta found that many students lacked critical skills needed for success in admissions, the workforce, and in life. As a Jacobs Fellow, Gupta is building a new venture to help second generation students develop and practice future-ready skills such as marketing, communication, leadership, and collaboration skills. Through her program both online and in person, her goal is to teach students the durable skills they need to succeed in admissions and in the workforce.

Gupta is a graduate of Rice University with a double major in economics and policy studies. She is interested in education, personal development, meditation, and adventure.