Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Heidi Mitchell

University of Pennsylvania

Heidi Mitchell’s mission is to help empower and support families as they transition to home education, navigate best-fit home learning options, and build a family culture of education.

During the pandemic, the homeschool community in the United States quadrupled, growing from one million to four million families. Even with this growth, the transition to home education can be a daunting and lonely space.

As a Jacobs Fellow and CEO of Hearth and Home Education, Mitchell is developing new strategies to empower parents and children as they explore and enter this space. This includes providing a series of in-person and online events to create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and support.

Mitchell has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Brigham Young University and has teaching credentials in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. When she is not mentoring students from across the US, Mitchell enjoys mountain biking with her husband, playing games with her six children and three grandchildren, running, yoga, and watching episodes of Psych.