Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Anoosha Chivukula

Wharton School Business

Anoosha is in her second year of the MBA program at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She earned bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Business from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Prior to Wharton, she first worked at Goldman Sachs in asset management and margin & valuations. She then worked at Visa, leading colleagues in delivering payments and disputes products/features. While there, she secured a grant from the firm to mentor underprivileged children in Singapore. In her free time, she also taught English to exploited migrant workers, to allow them to communicate with doctors and lawyers. She strongly believes in providing equitable educational opportunities to all.

At Wharton, Anoosha founded Vrtual, which aims to solve the learning crisis – although children around the world are attending school, 40% of them are not learning effectively. She is taking a technological approach and building a software-based solution to address this issue. As a Jacobs Social Entrepreneurship Fellow, Anoosha is excited to work with other scholars to improve educational outcomes. She is happy to chat with anyone in the Jacobs network about social entrepreneurship or education technology.