Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Nancy Cao

Nancy Cao, who graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, French and Francophone Studies expresses:
“I am excited to embark on the next phase of my career with the support of the Jacobs Foundation. I believe that economic opportunity is most effectively created by the private sector, but without social mission becomes extractive and merely maintains the status quo: a global imbalance of income and influence. I hope to explore this tension through the Berkeley and Jacobs networks, and ultimately find a creative, profitable, and sustainable method for creating economic opportunity and growth in developing nations.”

The 27-year-old fellow, born in the US, has been carving a career path from business to social impact for the past four and a half years. At a Nairobi-based education startup Cao is a founding member of the employer training team, and is leading the creation of an internal university for a solar energy company.