Learning Minds

Entrepreneurs make a difference 

We are delighted to welcome this year’s new cohort of 13 Jacobs Social Entrepreneurship Fellows into our network. The Fellows come from different countries across the globe including Australia, the United States, Bulgaria, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. Their ventures are equally diverse with mentorship- and job-readiness programs, learning with ADHD, education-support in cocoa communities, and food-supply-chain.

One aim of our Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship program is to promote the generation and exchange of human learning and development. To unite the Fellows and promote collaboration, the Jacobs Foundation hosts a virtual onboarding week. During this week, the Fellows experience team building, learn about the Foundation’s Strategy 2030 and the different portfolios, and form learning groups for ongoing peer support. The fellowship also provides them with the opportunity to participate in the Jacobs Foundation’s collaborative mechanism called “Leveraging Action for Evidence to Promote Change” (LEAP) that brings together fellows from different sectors and cohorts to engage in impactful education projects across the world. Participants can choose how much time they want to commit to each project and are remunerated for their time.

The Jacobs Foundation supports tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers with demonstrated interest in the social impact space through its Social Entrepreneur Fellowship program. The program supports Fellows who use social entrepreneurship, non-profit management, and social innovation to positively impact children’s lives worldwide, be it directly through access to education or improving the well-being of the whole family.