A decades-long legacy of supporting quality education in Switzerland

As we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our enduring partnership with the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development — a flagship collaboration dedicated to advancing research in child and youth development to the highest standards — we took a moment to reflect on our long-standing engagement in our home country.

Rooted in our dedication to promote children’s learning and development, we have consistently worked to enrich the learning experiences of Swiss children, teachers, and educational institutions. Through collaborative partnerships and initiatives, such as the Ready! Campaign, which brought together stakeholders from various sectors to champion a comprehensive early childhood policy, we have actively played a catalytic role in shaping the landscape of education in Switzerland.

Our commitment to this work deepens as we move forward in the digital age under the banner of Strategy 2030 with a strong focus on bridging the gap between evidence, policy, and practice, the foundation has established three interconnected partnerships to maximize the opportunities presented by the digitalization of education. These partnerships encompass a dedicated research consortium for digital education, an initiative spearheaded by proEdu that supports innovative digital education approaches at the school level, and a collaborative venture with staatslabor, a government innovation lab.

Additionally, we continue to prioritize fostering excellence in Swiss research institutions. We have joined forces with EPFL and ETH Zurich, Switzerland’s premier federal institutes of technology, to introduce a pioneering joint doctoral program in the learning sciences. This initiative marks a significant stride in advancing education and science in Switzerland, embodying our commitment to drive innovation through collaboration.

Beyond Switzerland, we actively promote the integration of evidence into teaching and learning practices, as well as EdTech products. This is achieved through collaborations with investors and global funders, including the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. We ensure that the knowledge gained from our global initiatives enhances our work and partnerships in Switzerland, where relevant.

As we maintain our decade-long engagement in our home country under Strategy 2030, we look forward to continuing to play a catalytic role in ensuring that Swiss children are given the education and learning opportunities they need to thrive.