Let the Crowd-Intelligence Unfold

The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) brings together 12 fellows from North America and Europe working in the field of child development in journalism, entertainment, policy, or science. Who was selected to be part of this prestigious fellowship was announced during the presidential address at the International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS).

Insights from the Learning Sciences often gather dust on the shelf, instead of reaching and changing schools, families, and the social support system. To change this, it is important that those producing the results, those disseminating, and those implementing them come together to learn from each other and discuss ways to improve their collaboration. The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) Fellowship offers 3 journalists, 3 entertainers, 3 policy-makers, and 3 scientists, the unique opportunity to learn from deep discussions and share important lessons with each other.

The fellowship is a collaboration between the Jacobs Foundation together with New America and the International Congress of Infant Studies. On July 1st, the President of the International Congress of Infant Studies, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, announced, who will be embarking on this exciting journey. The fellows are:

  • Journalism
    • Melissa Hogenboom, BBC Future
    • Sujata Gupta, Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT
    • Catherine de Lange, New Scientist
  • Research
    • Lisa Scott, University of Florida
    • Megan McClelland, Oregon State University
    • Meredith Rowe, Harvard University
  • Policy
    • Janna Pahnke, Stiftung Haus der kleinen Forscher
    • Katie Whitehouse, National League of Cities
    • Elizabeth Shuey, OECD
  • Entertainment
    • Jill Shinderman, Barclay Square Media
    • Sacha Kyle, Director and Writer for TV, Theatre, Radio
    • Robert Carpenter, USC Media Institute for Social Change


Over two years, fellows will collaborate on projects that elevate the insights of the learning sciences for new audiences. The intent is to learn how to communicate with the public, write op-eds in teams, and advance a project related to early childhood development that would be strengthened with the infusion of ideas from talented people in other sectors.

Meet the Fellows here.