Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship

Breakthroughs and insights now emerge regularly from the learning sciences. However, these insights are slow to be accepted and integrated into schools, family support systems, and the social consciousness in positive ways. Too often, new findings are either left to wilt in inaccessible academic journals, contorted by splashy headlines, or too complicated to lead to real policy changes.

This is why the Jacobs Foundation, together with the think tank New America and the International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS) created a new fellowship: The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX). The LSX aims to create a conversation between scientists, journalists, entertainers, and policy makers. The programme responds to the needs of all three sectors which are usually operating in isolation from each other.

The fellows hail from Europe and North America. Each participant enjoys time for cross-disciplinary thinking. Fellows have the opportunity to write about ways to bring ideas in learning sciences to fruition and how to communicate them with the greatest influence. We envision that the 12 fellows discuss key issues by forming three teams – each composed of four people (one person from each sector). A team approach provides amazing opportunities for individuals to explore each other’s thinking from the perspective of the sector in which each is an expert. The team also comes to appreciate how each sector typically deals with new issues.

Duration of the first program phase: 2018 – 2020
Budget: 400,000 CHF

Duration of the second program phase: 2020 – 2022
Budget: 650,000 CHF

Scope: Stipend for each fellow of 5’000 USD

Detailed Information and FAQs

Jacobs Foundation (sponsor)
New America (implementing partner)
International Congress of Infant Studies (implementing partner)

  • The deadline for applying has passed.
  • FAQ

Jacobs Foundation
Cathrin Jerie
Program Manager
Seefeldquai 17
P.O. Box
8034 Zurich



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