Increasing Expertise:
Fellows Gathering in Baltimore

The third meeting of the innovative Learning Sciences Exchange Program (LSX) is taking place in Baltimore during the biennial conference of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). The LSX fellows active in science, journalism, entertainment, and policy are meeting to work further on their group projects on March, 20 and to attend the SRCD conference on March, 21.

During the workshop in Baltimore, the fellows are meeting three of the LSX Advisory Group Members: Yalda Uhls, Claudia Kalb, and Larry Aber. This enables them to deliberate about their projects and to profit from the expertise of the LSX Advisory Group. After discussing the deliverables and further meetings, the fellows will discuss the progress of their group projects that will be presented in the final meeting in Washington in June 2020.

On the second day, the LSX Fellows will attend the SRCD conference, which is one of the most important scientific conferences in the field of Child Development. The Fellows will join Claudia Kalb, the LSX Advisory Group Member, for a session “Sharing Secrets to Improve Science Communication” which will be led by Lisa Guernsey from the New America.

Cross-disciplinary thinking and writing

Last time, the Fellows met in November 2018 in Zurich at the Jacobs Foundation. In their three-day meeting, they enjoyed the time for cross-disciplinary thinking and writing about the challenges to science communication. Additionally, the Fellows discussed what success will look like by the end of the Fellowship in 2020 and decided to create three working groups. Furthermore, they found out more about BOLD (Blog on Learning and Development) and learned about the Center for Learning Sciences at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A Groundbreaking International Fellowship Program

LSX is an interdisciplinary two-year fellowship focused on child development (ages 0-5) designed to break through traditional silos that separate learning scientists from those in journalism, education policy, and entertainment. The fellowship is administered by New America, the International Congress of Infant Studies, and the Jacobs Foundation.

To find out more about the latest LSX activities in Baltimore follow the hashtags #SRCD2019 and #LSX on Twitter.