Learning Sciences Exchange Fellow

Elizabeth Kperrun-Eremie

Elizabeth Kperrun-Eremie is an accomplished Educator, Innovator, and Content Creator. She is a passionate Advocate for cultural relevance in education.

Elizabeth is the CEO and a Co-Founder at Zenafri Ltd where she has led the development of several innovative mobile apps, learning platforms, and animated content designed to provide underserved African children with vital literacy and numeracy skills in their local languages and context.

Her innovative work in providing locally relevant educational content for African children as a means to sustainable development has been recognized and awarded by several organizations including the Royal Academy of Engineering UK, UNICEF, UNESCO, Johnson and Johnson, The AFD (Agence Française de Développement) , The Commonwealth, amongst others.

She holds qualifications in Mass Communication and Business/Entrepreneurial Management.

Elizabeth is also an advocate for mental health awareness and volunteers her time to work with other founders and young people in ensuring they maintain a proper work-life balance. Elizabeth is a proud mother of two daughters and is married to Idamiebi, who coincidentally is also her Co-Founder at Zenafri Ltd.