Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Alan (Yi Heng) Wang

Wharton Business School

Alan is originally from China and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with his family at a young age. He is currently pursuing a dual degree, MBA and MA in international studies, at the Wharton School of Business and Lauder Institute. Alan holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to coming back to graduate school, he worked as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago and served clients in the automotive, industrial goods and consumer product sectors. Professionally, he worked across different industrial towns in the US Midwest as well as in the Netherlands and in China. Alan became passionate about leveraging digital innovation such as e-commerce, digital marketing and big data analytics to drive disruptive innovation. While in school, he also worked in product development finance at Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer based in the US.

Having spent his formative years in the cultural melting pot of Vancouver, Alan gained an appreciation for cultural diversity and curiosity for international affairs. He has always been passionate about working with refugees and immigrants, as someone who benefited from the opportunities (and privileges) afforded to me as an Asian immigrant. As a Jacobs fellow, Alan hopes to launch a social venture project that empowers refugees and immigrants to host ethnic pop-up dinners and gain valuable business skills during the process. During university, he previously worked with refugees from Myanmar and empowered them to lead ethnic cooking lessons in Philadelphia.