Learning Societies

Announcing our new Colombian initiative: Colombia Evidencia Potencial en Educación

During a celebratory event attended by high-level politicians from all over Colombia, Colombia Evidencia Potencial en Educación – CEPE – was officially launched.

Our Learning Societies portfolio aims to work at both the national and regional levels to strengthen learning networks and improve the uptake and implementation of evidence in national policies.

Building on last year’s signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) by our Co-CEO, Fabio Segura, the Ministry of Education in Colombia, and Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, this innovative initiative, which was designed in collaboration with Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, aims to strengthen Colombia’s education system by facilitating collaboration between key actors and promoting evidence-based decision-making. The event announcing the launch of the program in Barranquilla was attended by senior politicians and local authorities including the secretaries of Education of the 12 Certified Territorial Entities. Our Board of Trustees also participated, alongside Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, Co-funders Botnar Foundation, UBS Optimus Foundation, and Fundación Santo Domingo, and the Secretaries of Education of the Certified Territorial Entities (ETC).

By bringing together local groups, including researchers, policymakers, and educators, CEPE seeks to strengthen the public education system in Colombia and foster effective collaboration between the government and other strategic actors in the education sector. The ultimate aim is to improve pedagogical practices and support children’s development and learning.

The CEPE program is made up of 3 intersecting components, designed to work together to generate long-term systemic change.

  • Education Evidence Lab (EdLab): We are currently working to establish a new Education Evidence Lab, or EdLab, this will seek to ensure that methods to improve education are grounded in evidence, ensuring more sustainable learning outcomes for children.
  • Communities of Change: We are committed to supporting Communities of Change throughout Colombia, which will work to implement evidence-based policies and practices that raise the quality of children’s education at the community level.
  • Co-Funding Mechanism: Achieving lasting change requires substantial resources. We are therefore working alongside philanthropic organizations, the Colombian government, and industry funders to create an innovative Co-Funding Mechanism. This will provide the necessary financial support for both the Communities of Change and the Evidence Lab.

At the Jacobs Foundation, we believe that transformative and sustainable education change can only happen through collaboration. CEPE is just one of the ways that the Jacobs Foundation is demonstrating our commitment to Colombia through the creation of a more inclusive and equitable education system where every child is able to develop their potential.

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