Jacobs Media Fellow

Jack O’Sullivan

Freelance Journalist Oxford United Kingdom

Peris is passionate about inclusive financial systems and economic mobility. Her goal is to build meaningful technology platforms and digital financial services to drive capital where it’s needed most. She has successful experience in using technology to innovate and distribute high-impact, scalable solutions.

Peris has a First Class Honours BSc. Computer Science degree from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. When she’s not organizing 1s and 0s, Peris enjoys running, reading books and mountaineering.

As the CEO of her venture, she spends her time implementing strategies to build a sustainable, transformative business that meets the needs and aspirations of  clients and organising the 1’s and 0’s to achieve this. She is a champion of financial inclusion & youth employment, and has been supporting global corporations to create inclusive youth engagement strategies for different countries in Africa.

She is the co-founder of FarmDrive, a technology company that builds the software and data infrastructure that financial services providers use to deliver digital financials services :loans, insurance and savings to farmers. FarmDrive’s mission is to transform every smallholder farmer (SHF) and agriculture value chain SME in Africa into a sustainable and profitable business.