Judy Stuart

Future Farmers Foundation, South Africa

To provide young people who are passionate about agriculture with opportunities to enter the industry. 
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Organization Focus
To provide young people who are passionate about agriculture with opportunities to enter the industry. Unemployed school and college graduates come to Future Farmers for assistance. Most of them have little or no practical experience. We try to find positions for them on farms where they earn and learn as apprentices. The best are then sent to overseas internships for 12 months (37 in Australia and the USA at the present time). They usually return confident and capable. There are many commercial farmers who take on these Future Farmers and many end up in top positions. Some have started their own businesses and although we discourage land ownership there are opportunities for them to become contractors in commercial operations. We set people up for success.

My Plans with the 2018 Klaus J. Jacobs Award
I would like to build accommodation and a training facility. Many young people travel very far to meet us. There is nowhere for them to stay overnight and often they stay in our home. The facility would have rooms for them to spend the night, and also a class room. This would enable us to hold courses, such as first aid courses at the facility. At the moment, this is done at the office and we do not have a suitable space. Other courses could also be offered. 

How will my work change Youth’s lives
It enables young people to obtain valuable skills while they are earning. Instead of draining the family and community for education, they send money home every month. The overseas internships enable them to earn a considerable amount of money which is used to build homes, educate siblings and fund education for themselves on their return. Most important is the fact that the program builds self-esteem. They are respected by their peers and are able to hold down well-paid jobs. This has a positive impact on communities and younger people are inspired to join and see farming as a respectable career. Mentoring teaches them the importance of attitude, integrity and work ethic.

«Our Youngsters have an innate desire to become farmers»

Farming for the Future

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