Learning Minds

Advancing learning with LEAP

The Jacobs Foundation in partnership with MIT Solve recently launched LEAP: Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote Change. In response to ongoing learning and education disruptions, and building on MIT Solve’s Re-Engaging Learners Challenge, the LEAP challenge for 2022 seeks to support organizations whose innovations bridge learning gaps for underserved children aged 2-12.

LEAP offers two involvement pathways: applications are now open to be a LEAP Fellow or Project Host.

Fellow applications are welcome from experienced education researchers and social entrepreneurs with a passion for supporting social impact organizations to succeed. LEAP Fellows will receive competitive compensation for expertise to accelerate the solutions of LEAP Project Hosts.

Project Host applications are welcome from any organization working to bridge learning gaps for underserved children aged 2-12, with a special interest in innovations that deliver educational or mental health services to children in humanitarian crises, or solutions working to ensure girls’ access to education.

The selection process culminates with a LEAPathon event: each organization selected to host a project will be matched with two to four LEAP Fellows, and teams will participate in refinement design thinking workshops to kick off 12-week LEAP project sprints.

Apply to be a LEAP Fellow here: solve.mit.edu/LEAP/fellows
Apply to host a LEAP project here: solve.mit.edu/LEAP/projects