For an Early Childhood Policy (Primokiz2)

Early childhood is critically important, since it is the period when the groundwork is laid for the development of cognitive and social skills. To develop those skills to the fullest, children need a stimulating environment that includes opportunities to learn through play. Early childhood programs are one way to create such an environment and lead to superior social, emotional and cognitive skills, better results on school tests, higher levels of education and, when children reach adulthood, a more successful job history.

In the belief that all children should be allowed to reach their full potential, the Jacobs Foundation has spent many years promoting high-quality early childhood education and care (ECEC). One of its initiatives is Primokiz2, an expanded version of the Switzerland-wide Primokiz program.

At as many as 80 sites, Primokiz2 is creating networks in the education, social services and healthcare sectors and assisting in the development of a comprehensive early childhood policy aimed at putting appropriate structural conditions in place. This will ensure that high-quality programs for young children and families are able to achieve the greatest possible impact.

The Roger Federer Foundation sponsors the Primokiz2 program, which is being implemented by Radix.