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Wanted! Innovative EdTech solutions

To enable true impact, the Jacobs Foundation is partnering with MindCET at the Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESAwards) with a special track on individualized learning. In context of this track, we are looking for EdTech start-ups which offer solutions that facilitate individualized learning at the child’s own pace, level, and time to address learning variability in the classroom and enable each child to learn and thrive. The solution can target cognitive, emotional or social skills and is not limited to in-classroom use.

Five selected start-ups will be offered the opportunity to join a 1-week custom-made accelerator (MindCET QWeek) oriented to develop a sustainable, evidence-based and viable business model. They will also be able to participate in the finals of GESAwards.

With this partnership we are elevating the visibility for the important topic of individualized learning in the EdTech realm. The ultimate goal will be to generate a systemic influence on the sector as a whole, influencing not only start-ups but also parents, schools, governments and other funders to invest in EdTech companies that provide the most effective and evidence-based solutions addressing variability in learning and provide all children with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, tools and equitable opportunities to reach their full learning potential and thrive together.

Interested EdTech start-ups can apply here: special track