Unlocking the impact of EdTech

The Jacobs Foundation has committed CHF 40 million to help unlock the impact of EdTech to advance learning and development. The commitment aims to make evidence an integral part of investment decisions, bring robust science into product design and strengthen collaborative efforts between donors.

To create impact the Foundation has launched three mutually reinforcing initiatives:

LEIF – Learning EdTech Impact Funds

CHF 30 million will be invested in leading EdTech Venture Capital funds to promote the use of evidence.

CERES – Connecting the EdTech Research EcoSystem

A CHF 10 million research facility to bridge the divide between science and the EdTech industry.

EdFIRST – Education Foundations Investing in Research and Systems Transformation

An alliance of leading foundations to advance the EdTech industry’s focus on evidence-based impact.

Find out more about these three initiatives for unparalleled collaboration in EdTech here