The Jacobs Foundation Publishes New Medium Term Plan

The new Medium Term Plan 2016 – 2020 shows the seven strategic goals, which the Foundation has set for the coming five years, and the key performance indicators.

The past months have been an intensive time for the Jacobs Foundation to set its course for its strategic planning 2020. In its new Medium Term Plan 2016-2020, the Foundation outlines its seven strategic goals for the coming five years. The Foundation will concentrate on three thematic priorities: At the global level on “Science of Learning”, in the northern hemisphere on “Early Childhood Education and Care”, and in the southern hemisphere on “Rural Livelihoods”. With respect to the Foundation itself, it will focus on the four goals “Learning Organization”, “Content Marketing”, “Leveraging Core Funding” and “Talent Development”.

In the context of the Foundation’s strategy development process it has also focused considerable attention on the strategic performance measurement of its activities. As a result the Foundation has defined different steering indicators (KPIs) for each of its seven strategic goals. These indicators show how the Jacobs Foundation defines success in each of its areas of activity by the end of 2020.