The Jacobs Foundation Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

When Klaus J. Jacobs and his family established the Foundation it was clear from the beginning: they wanted to help improve the living conditions of today’s youth as well as those of future generations. Together with the Foundation’s staff, the family seeks to recognize and support the potential of children and young people, and to help them acquire and develop the skills they need for the job market. In this effort, the Foundation’s activities rest on two pillars: close cooperation with the academic community and support for education.

Scientific insights and practical applications

For 25 years, the Jacobs Foundation has promoted innovation in research and practice, combining scientific insights with practical applications. Research is crucial, since it provides insight into the factors that can have a positive effect on the development of children and adolescents. Accordingly, the Foundation takes an evidence-based approach in selecting its practical projects, emphasizing the importance of measurable and replicable results. Projects must also be demonstrably innovative and interdisciplinary, and they must show a sustainable impact.

Education as the key to a successful life

Klaus J. Jacobs firmly believed that education – both within and outside of schools – is essential for ensuring that members of the younger generation have a good start for a successful life. He recognized the importance of early childhood education even before it was on the political and social agenda. The Jacobs Foundation has therefore focused on this issue for many years. It has gained a wealth of experience, as reflected in its own programs, “Educational Landscapes Switzerland” and “Primokiz.”

Successful cooperation with strong partners

Successful project work is driven by cooperation and bringing together expertise from various sources. In selecting partners to collaborate on its projects, the Jacobs Foundation therefore chooses internationally recognized individuals, institutions and organizations that are active in the respective field. In 2014, the Foundation and its partners can look back on 25 years of fruitful cooperation. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and our sincere thanks go to all of our partners!

In the years to come, we will continue our efforts to promote positive development among children and young people, in keeping with our motto: Our Promise to Youth. In working to improve opportunities for education and development, as in other areas of life, it is certainly true: Learning never stops.
Engagement is an ongoing process.