The future of learning in policy, research and practice

Jacobs Foundation Co-CEO Simon Sommer, Co-Lead Learning Minds Gelgia Fetz Fernandes and Program Manager Romana Kropilova are in Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania today with active roles in the Schools2030 Global Forum.

Simon will facilitate a roundtable discussion about how we might strengthen our collective impact over the next five years through strategic networking, with support from Romana. A new global network of school aggregator organizations will be presented as a case study and serve as a basis for a structured discussion among attendees. Simon will also speak about how to transform education systems to advance quality learning for everyone through global leadership and innovation.

Gelgia will co-chair a conversation about how might we support teachers to use assessment to understand the diverse learning needs and pathways of their students. This session will focus on how to support teachers to identify and understand the diversity of student’s learning needs, encompassing those struggling due to a diagnosable learning need, as well as the broader spectrum of differences that account for learning variability.

Together the Schools2030’s Global Forum aims to generate new insights, partnerships, and action steps about how schools, systems and societies can work better together to achieve SDG4 by 2030. Find out more here: