Swiss Week

For the second time the Jacobs Foundation brings together Jacobs Fellows from different sectors such as business, research, and media. They learn about the Jacobs Foundation’s work and meet staff are just some of the program highlights of the Swiss Week. It takes place in Zurich from June 19 to June 23, 2017.

Current and former Jacobs Fellows from different sectors such as business, research, and media will come together in Zurich to participate in the Swiss Week. During the interactive workshop, they will develop further ideas for the Talent Network to advance the concept and further grow the online platform. Various presentations will introduce the fellows to the work of the Foundation, the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development as well as the Jacobs Holding and Barry Callebaut.

A special opportunity to learn more about the research focus of the foundation is the visit to the summer school of the Center for Cognitive Learning and Memory (CCLM) in Weggis at Lake Lucerne combined with an excursion to the Swiss mountains. There the Swiss Week participants will hear a scientific lecture, meet research fellows and former Young Scholars and enjoy networking opportunities in an informal setting. The week concludes with a visit to the Foundation’s portfolio company Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. Fellows will receive information on the company, learn about its sustainability program “Forever Chocolate” and experience chocolate making with their own hands.

The Swiss Week is an event organized through the Jacobs Foundation’s Talent Network, which brings together Fellows from different sectors and offers a space of interaction to connect with like-minded, committed, talented people interested in child and youth development. It is a space where expertise is accessible and crowd-intelligence unfolds for the possibility to develop trustful cooperation with each other for the benefit of child and youth development.