Swiss Week for tomorrow’s leaders

The Jacobs Foundation supports tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers who have demonstrated interest in the social impact space. Each year, the new Social Entrepreneur Fellows are chosen to participate in the two-year social entrepreneurship program which includes receiving financial support. How the Fellows use the support can take many forms including MBA fellowships in the US and Europe, or starting their own social venture.

In addition to financial support, Fellows are part of an exclusive network of Jacobs Fellows from various fields such as research, journalism, public administration and education. Fellows are also regularly invited to events where they can network with others or further develop their capacity. It is in this spirit, we proudly host our fifth – and first virtual – “Swiss Week” this week to welcome a record 20 new Fellows for an introductory and team building exchange.

During Swiss Week, the new Fellows will digitally meet our staff as well as each other. They will also be introduced to the main ideas behind each of the Jacobs Foundation 2030 strategic themes of Learning Minds, Learning Schools and Learning Societies.

One of the broader aims of the Social Entrepreneurship program is to promote the generation and exchange of human learning and development. To unite the Fellows in this purpose, they will participate in team building and problem solving activities, and form learning groups for ongoing peer support.

Finally, Fellows will be invited to attend the virtual Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) Summit – the conclusion of the LSX fellowship that was designed to break down siloes and elevate the insights of learning sciences to a wider audience.

Get to know each of our outstanding fellows here.