Studies of Early Childhood

A new report provides an overview of studies of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Switzerland, compiling a comprehensive list of articles published up to 2016.

Its purpose was to determine which aspects of this topic have been subjected to scientific scrutiny and where further research is needed. This was an attempt to address the lack of a systematic review of research in this area and the need for an analysis of its significance for the public, scientific and political debate. The report summarizes what researchers have learned about education and care in early childhood and points out which areas require further study.

Thematic focus

Two main questions need to be answered: Has Switzerland made it easy to achieve a work–life balance? And do disadvantaged families have access to early childhood education and care? The report also examines the issue of quality: How good are our daycare centers? What role does the political sphere play? What are cantons and communities doing to regulate quality? Another question is whether and how the business community is playing an active role in the early childhood sector.

The Jacobs Foundation’s goal in publishing this report was to provide a brief summary of information that will be helpful in making decisions and conducting further research.