Six New Journalism Fellows Put the Spotlight on Education

The Jacobs Journalism Fellowship brings together six outstanding journalists from Germany and the United Kingdom specialized in education and child & youth development. The one-year fellowship is enabled through a partnership with the European Journalism Centre.

The Jacobs Foundation funds global research on learning and child development, supporting innovative scientists and implementing practical projects in early childhood and rural livelihoods. On the other hand, journalists aid the development, evaluation, improvement, and dissemination of these findings through independent and critical reporting on research, insights, and issues relating to this field. Through access to the latest research, data and new perspectives, the Jacobs Foundation and the European Journalism Centre believe journalists can help drive societal change in this area.

Meet our new fellows

From left to right: Jeannette, Armin, Silke, Laura, Helena, Charlotte

Jeannette OTTO, editor education, Die Zeit, Germany
Having worked for the education department of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT in Hamburg as a staff editor for 12 years, Jeannette has been covering topics of child development, learning, school, educational justice and educational policy as well as family and upbringing. “I hope to gain insights into new topics and fields of knowledge, meeting researchers and practitioners and finding new approaches.”

Armin HIMMELRATH, editor education, Spiegel Online, Germany
Armin is a freelance writer on educational subjects, presently on staff at SPIEGEL ONLINE. He has been covering early education, schools and higher education, vocational training and university subjects for several regional and national media in Germany for many years. “One of my aims is to bring new knowledge from scientists and practitioners to the public so it can be used by others.”

Silke FOKKEN, editor education, Spiegel Online, Germany
Silke works for SPIEGEL ONLINE writing mainly about education and learning. Previously, she worked as a freelancer for several German media outlets, mostly covering topics around childhood development, education and learning. “I would appreciate the opportunity to bring back home some new, interesting stories about learning and education.”

Laura MILLMANN, editor, Agentur für Bildungsjournalismus, Germany
Laura is an editor at the German ‘Agency for Educational Journalism’, specialising in the topics of education and teaching. Previously she worked as a freelance journalist among others for a children’s public radio programme and the news portal “I hope to be part of a dynamic network and thereby get to know journalists and researchers with the same interests.”

Helena POZNIAK, freelance journalist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, London Evening Standard, Future Magazine, etc., UK
Helena is an independent journalist writing on education, university research and science and technology careers. She writes for UK newspapers, technology magazines and universities. “I look forward to investigating some of my interests such as how schools are adapting to a fundamental change in young people’s approach to learning in a digital age or developments in the science of learning and experiential learning.”

Charlotte GODDARD, freelance journalist, Nursery World and Children & Young People Now magazines, UK
Charlotte is a British freelance journalist, copywriter and editor with more than 20 years’ experience. She writes a regular series of articles and reports for Nursery World and Children & Young People Now magazines, covering sectors such as health, education, youth justice and child development. “I hope the Jacobs Foundation’s one-year fellowship will expand my knowledge of new and innovative research and practice in the children’s sector in the UK and Europe.”

Throughout the year, the Jacobs Foundation and the European Journalism Centre will organize tailor-made activities (expert calls, site visits, bootcamps) which will help the fellows to strengthen and enrich their knowledge of childhood and youth development, learning, education tech, early education, parenting or brain development, as well as furthering their personal career development and goals.