Simon Sommer: Governments and Foundations must work together to move the needle towards SDG4

The key to achieving SDG4 – ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all- is fostering a culture of listening.

Writing for UNESCO’s SDG4 Knowledge Hub, Simon Sommer, the Co-CEO of the Jacobs Foundation, called on governments and foundations to work together to develop a common approach towards providing every child with the educational opportunities that they need to thrive.  

“Foundations play a critical role in international education funding – yet their perspective is often overlooked in high-level global education discussions. To spearhead positive change and unlock the potential learning benefits for every child, no matter their background, we must maximize the potential of the sector by working together and promoting a culture of listening.”

Simon Sommer, Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Jacobs Foundation and member of the SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee

He cites our newest program, Colombia Evidencia Potencial en Educación (CEPE), as a scalable example of how Foundations can bring stakeholders together, acting as catalysts to create a more inclusive and equitable education system where every child is able to develop their potential. 

The Jacobs Foundation is a member of the SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee. To read the full piece, visit the UNESCO SDG4 Knowledge Hub website.