Science Journalism
Matters Greatly

The 11th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) is held in Lausanne, Switzerland, from July 1-5.

At the Jacobs Foundation, we know how important it is to explain and disseminate research findings to the general public and decisionmakers; and we know the role of science journalism is facing challenges due to the current radical changes in society, media, and science. This is why we are contributing to the WCSJ 2019 in two ways.

Travel fellowships and pre-conference workshop

We are granting 22 travel fellowships enabling science journalism students and science writers from various countries to participate in this important event. Moreover, we are organizing a pre-conference event on July 1: In the morning, the travel fellows will be invited to reflect on central issues relating to science dissemination and science journalism, together with four representatives from the intersection of science, communication and journalism. In the afternoon, the workshop will be opened to all interested WCSJ participants. Sophie von Stumm and Katrin Männik, both Jacobs Foundation Research Fellows, will introduce the audience to the Science of Learning focusing on the hot topic of genetics and education.

More information at the science of learning and science journalism.