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2023 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize Recipient Professor Janet M. Currie will be celebrated at the Jacobs Center Symposium in Zurich on 17 November.

Currie, Princeton University’s Henry Putnam Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, is best known for her foundational work on the influence of context such as policy decisions, environment, or health systems on child development. Her decades of research have demonstrated how poverty and government anti-poverty policies as well as health systems and the environment can affect the lifelong health and well-being of children.

The Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize is a 1 million Swiss Franc endowment that acknowledges exceptional academics whose contributions are considered cornerstones for advancement in our understanding of how children learn. The Prize was established in 2009 to honour our founder, Klaus J. Jacobs, and his commitment to promoting evidence-based research in the field of learning and development.

The prize will be presented at the awards ceremony, which will take place at the University of Zurich on 17 November 2023. On the same day, the symposium “Insights on the manyfold impacts of children’s context on their development” will also take place at the University of Zurich, to celebrate her scientific contributions to the field. The symposium is organized jointly by the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development and the Jacobs Foundation. To register, please email symposium@jacobsfoundation.org.

Speaking about her work, our Co-CEO Simon Sommer said: “Professor Currie’s pioneering use of administrative data and natural experiments has helped advance the field of child development in unprecedented ways. Her groundbreaking work has demonstrated the crucial impact of different structural, social, and environmental contextual elements on children’s educational outcomes, physical, and psychological well-being”.

You can learn more about Professor Currie’s work here.