Tanja Kotz

People & Culture Manager
Tanja is People and Culture Manager at the Jacobs Foundation. She is dedicated to creating a positive work environment and fostering employee growth. She works closely with the teams to ensure that the organizational culture aligns with the core values and goals of the foundation.
Furthermore, she is responsible for the implementation of the Human Resources Lifecycle to ensure seamless alignment with the strategic initiatives. Tanja has 30 years of professional experience, including over 25 years of extensive background in HR Management, mainly in the financial industries. Tanja has previously held leadership roles such as Chief of Staff, Head of HR Management, Compensation Specialist as well as Executive Search Consultant.
Tanja holds a Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Human Resources Management and has earned a Certificate of Achievement in Psychological Counselling. She is also a Stress and Mental Coach, as well as a Horse-Based Coach in the realm of personal development. Additionally, she holds a Federal Degree in the field of Architecture. Tanja has a passion for guiding and supporting individuals on their journey to reach their full potential. She seamlessly integrates her passion for horses, leveraging the analogy of horses to enhance leadership development.