Gemma Wirz

Editor-in-Chief, BOLD

Gemma Wirz is Editor-in-Chief of BOLD, the digital publication on child development and learning supported by the Jacobs Foundation. In her work, she strives to translate the complex ideas behind the latest research into engaging, accessible multimedia content. The ultimate goal is to better equip anyone with the interest – but not necessarily the expertise – with the tools and knowledge they need to help children in their care thrive.

Gemma is passionate about the stories behind the science and the ways in which scientists and the public can learn from each other. As a parent, she learns something new from BOLD every day about how she can better support her children. As an Editor, it is her mission to ensure all other caregivers and educators have equal access to this knowledge.

Gemma brings almost two decades of communications experience, including Public Relations, digital strategy, copywriting, and lecturing. She holds a Master of Science in Science Communication from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Newcastle University, UK.