Learning Inside the Classroom: What We Do and Do Not Know

The role of school curriculums, teachers and peers in affecting child and youth development is the topic of a workshop taking place on November 11, 2019, at the University of Zurich.

How are teachers, peers, and the school curriculum affecting child and youth development? These key aspects of education will be discussed during the one-day workshop. Experts from leading universities (such as Yale, Harvard or Berkeley, Tübingen) are gathering at the University of Zurich on November 11, 2019.

The presentations are covering adaptive learning, student-teacher interaction, teacher education and teacher incentives as well as peer effects and the impact of peer personality on performance.

Among the ten presenters is former Jacobs Research Fellow Hanna Dumont, whose lecture is entitled “Adaptive Teaching: How to Deal with Student Differences in the Classroom”.

The interdisciplinary workshop is organized jointly by the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development and the Center for Child Well-being and Development, both at the University of Zurich.