Launch of Educational Program TRECC

The Jacobs Foundation’s TRECC program represents a comprehensive, systemic approach to achieving sustainable social and economic change in Ivory Coast. Its goal is to improve the living conditions of families in cocoa-growing communities by providing access to high-quality education.

TRECC, which stands for “Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities”, is a seven-year program designed to promote education, strengthen women and protect children. The project was launched in cooperation with the industry-wide program CocoaAction. By entering into this kind of private-public partnership with the world’s 11 leading companies in the cocoa and chocolate industry, the Foundation seeks to produce comprehensive, systemic change that will benefit the entire region – and particularly children and youth – over the long term.

The Jacobs Foundation has allocated CHF 50 million for the implementation of the TRECC program. Significant investments are also expected from other partners in the private sector.

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