Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize Eligibility Criteria

Nominations are open to all scholarly disciplines (e.g., educational sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, family studies, media studies, political sciences, linguistics, neurosciences, computer sciences, medical sciences) dealing with or contributing to the successful development and learning of children and youth.
• The nominee’s research must have led to major, ground-breaking contributions to the field of child and youth development and learning.
• The nominee should be an active researcher and still have several years of active work life ahead.

Additional nomination information

  • On each call, nominators are limited to the submission of a maximum of 4 nominations.
  • Self-nominations are NOT accepted.
  • The nominee must be an individual researcher. Organisations or research teams cannot be nominated.
  • Prior nomination does not exclude a candidate from consideration in subsequent years.
  • All nominations will be reviewed for formal completeness and for the fulfilment of eligibility requirements by Jacobs Foundation Management.
  • Outstanding nominations that fully meet nomination criteria and eligibility requirements will be reviewed by the Research Prize Jury, consisting of internationally renowned scientists across a range of disciplines.
  • The prize recipient will be asked to participate in the prize ceremony, as well as potentially in other outreach and scientific activities related to or initiated by the Jacobs Foundation
  • For more information, contact

Nomination process response to nomination criteria

Please download the nomination form and describe how the nominee meets each of the Prize Criteria.

  1. Please provide a succinct summary of the academic accomplishments of the nominee (appointments, honours, awards). Max 350 words.
  2. Please highlight the nominee’s scientific breakthrough: describe the impact of the nominee’s scientific research and how it has transformed the field. This is not limited to its academic relevance, but also to its impact at different levels such as societal, education, systemic, policy-related, or economic. Max 500 words.
  3. Attach a short CV of the nominee (2-pages).
  4. Link to the nominee’s URL.
  5. Letter of support (optional): Up to a maximum of three letters as long as they are complementary and highlight different aspects or reasons for the nomination. They can be signed off by as many supporters as the nominee might have.
  6. Current Funding Source(s) (optional). Please list all funding sources when known.
  7. Please send nomination form to by 15th March 2023, 23:59h CET.