Brian Barber Is Appointed to the Next Class of New America

The New America Foundation has announced the appointment of the 2015 New America Fellows who will join under the new leadership of Peter Bergen. One of them is the Jacobs Foundation Fellow Brian K. Barber.

Brian K. Barber will write a book narrating the lives of six men from the Gaza Strip who he has interviewed regularly for the past 20 years since they emerged as youth from the first Palestinian intifada in 1993. He and colleagues will also be continuing two research projects, both funded by the Jacobs Foundation, Switzerland: an event-history study of the current well-being of a representative sample of 1,800 of the same generation of Palestinians and a study of youth who participated in the Egyptian revolution. Barber is currently a professor of child and family studies and the founding director of the Center for the Study of Youth and Political Conflict at the University of Tennessee. He is editor of Adolescents and War: How Youth Deal with Political Conflict.
He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, has a M.A. in marriage, family, and child therapy from the California Family Study Center and has a Ph.D. in family studies from Brigham Young University. Barber will be a Jacobs Foundation Fellow at New America.

The next class of New America Fellows from September 1, 2014:

Andrea Elliott (Emerson Fellow)
Virginia Eubanks (Ford Academic Fellow)
Mei Fong (Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fellow)
• Hua Hsu (Ford Academic Fellow)
• Yascha Mounk (Jeff and Cal Leonard Fellow)
• Douglas Ollivant (ASU Future of War Senior Fellow)
• Monica Potts (Journalist)
• Ari Ratner (Strategic communications consultant)
• Daniel Rothenberg (ASU Future of War Fellow and co-director of the Future of War program)
• Levi Tillemann (Jeff and Cal Leonard)
• Julian E. Zelizer (Ford Academic Fellow)

About this Program
The New America Fellows Program supports talented journalists, academics and other public policy analysts who offer a fresh and often unpredictable perspective on the major challenges facing our society. New America Fellows are selected on a highly competitive basis, and serve — some full-time, some on an adjunct basis — for one or two years. New America provides them with a non-partisan intellectual community where they can pursue their individual research projects. The Fellows benefit from their engagement with each other, and with New America’s various policy programs, while their presence adds to the intellectual verve of the institution and helps shape its longer-term agenda and focus.

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