Improving Children’s Development

“A pleasure that comes from outside is ephemeral. But the values we hold within ourselves are unfailing and enduring.”
Seneca, Roman philosopher

Values hold a society together. Every culture develops and lives by its own values, as does every institution. In 2017, the Jacobs Foundation team explored this topic in depth. Our newly redefined values guide our day-to-day work and our interactions with colleagues, partners, beneficiaries and the public:

  • Accountability
    means that we are transparent in our goals and in the promises we make to our beneficiaries, our partners and the public.
  • Aspiration
    expresses our determination always to strive for excellence as we incorporate our principles into every aspect of our work.
  • Partnerships
    reflects our conviction that keeping “Our Promise to Youth” requires vital, nurturing partnerships that are rooted in respect and trust.

These values have guided us throughout the past year as we have sought to achieve the most important goal of our Foundation: to support children as they learn and develop. Expressed in terms of numbers, this means:

Further information about our values, projects and programs can be found in our Annual Report 2017.