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In the presence of Pierre Dillenbourg, President of the Swiss EdTech Collider, Lavinia Jacobs, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and further representatives, the opening ceremony of the Swiss EdTech Collider is held today.

Photos: Alain Herzog, EPFL.

With its new Swiss EdTech Collider, EPFL has taken a decisive step towards developing an international hub for digital education based in Switzerland. Located in the EPFL Innovation Park just a few steps away from EPFL’s Center for Digital Education, the Collider provide a modern coworking space to around 30 startups involved in developing new education technologies.

“The Swiss EdTech Collider will bring disruptive innovation in education to Switzerland. With EPFL and the Jacobs Foundation two partners that couldn’t be a better fit have joined forces to embark on this quest”, explains Lavinia Jacobs, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Jacobs Foundation.

The main aim of the Swiss EdTech Collider is to contribute to the development of the education technology sector in Switzerland. Using new methods and solutions, the incubator will strive to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital society, from nursery schooling to continuing education for adults and corporate training.

The Swiss EdTech Collider is managed by a not-for-profit association and has four EPFL professors on staff: Pierre Dillenbourg, Denis Gillet, Francesco Mondada and Marcel Salathé. The association will work in partnership with the Digital Switzerland initiative. The incubator received funding from EPFL, the Jacobs Foundation, the Henri Moser Foundation and the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation.