Helping kids and teachers learn about their learning brains

Spreading the word about how children and young people develop and learn has always been one of our main concerns. This is why we have started and supported a number of platforms and initiatives dedicated to reaching a broad audience around the world. Among those efforts is our own Blog on Learning and Development, BOLD. Another endeavor we have supported since its early days is Frontiers for Young Minds, a free online scientific journal with an editorial board of kids.

In line with these commitments, we are happy to support Frontiers for Young Minds’ new Collection, “Everything you and your teachers need to know about the learning brain”, launched by the neuroscientists Nienke van Atteveldt and Sabine Peters. This collection aims at providing children and their teachers with the relevant knowledge they need to better understand their own brains and their learning processes, and to distinguish myths from facts.

Our support will not only make the collection available in English but also enable its translation into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch, to expand its global reach. As the two initiators say, “Understanding how science is different from opinions has never been more important, and we are really excited about working together with the next generation!”

For interested researchers

Submission deadlines for the Frontiers for Young Minds Collection “Everything you and your teachers need to know about the learning brain“:

21 June 2019 – Abstract
30 September 2019 – Manuscript

Learn more or submit a contribution: Frontiers for Young Minds