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Global Education Philanthropy commits to transforming education collectively

Co-CEO Simon Sommer reflects on the importance of the education philanthropy community speaking with one voice at the recent Transforming Education Summit.

Simon Sommer recently attended the first ever UN Heads of State summit focused on education to shine a spotlight on ‘the global education crisis’. The Transforming Education Summit was prompted after a host of calls to rethink what education is for and how it is delivered.

A key outcome from the Summit was the global education philanthropy community speaking with one voice for the first time, and their signed commitment to work collectively to drive the change that is needed to improve global education outcomes.

Simon wrote about his experience at the Transforming Education Summit for Alliance magazine. Read his reflections in full here: https://www.alliancemagazine.org/blog/transforming-education-a-commitment-from-global-education-philanthropy/