Frontiers for Young Minds – Science Edited for Kids, by Kids.

Frontiers in Neuroscience for Young Minds is a scientific journal that includes young people (from 8 to 15) in the review of articles.
This has the double benefit of bringing kids into the world of scientific research – many of them for the first time – and offering active scientists a platform for reaching out to the broadest of all publics.

The Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charitable foundations dedicated to facilitating innovations for children and youth, will support Frontiers for Young Minds with an amount of 480’00 USD over the next two years. “We hope that other funders will follow our example and help Frontiers for Young Minds reach out to families and schools all around the world”, says Simon Sommer, Head of Research at the Jacobs Foundation.

All articles in Frontiers for Young Minds will be reviewed and approved for publication by young people themselves. Established neuroscientists will mentor these young review editors and help them review the manuscript and focus their queries to authors. To avoid overburdening the young review editors, revised manuscripts will in turn be reviewed by one of the associate editors of Frontiers for Young Minds.

Areas in Development now include:

  • The Brain and Friends (social neuroscience)
  • The Brain and Fun (emotion)
  • The Brain and Magic (perception, sensation)
  • The Brain and Allowances (neuroeconomics)
  • The Brain and School (attention, decision making)
  • The Brain and Sports (motor control, action)
  • The Brain and Life (memory)
  • The Brain and Talking/Texting (language)
  • The Brain and Growing (neurodevelopment)
  • The Brain and Math (neural organization of math, computational neuroscience)
  • The Brain and Health (neurology, psychiatry)
  • The Brain and Robots (brain machine interface)
  • The Brain and Music (music!)
  • The Brain and Light (optogenetics)
  • The Brain and Gaming (Fun, Action, Learning)
  • The Brain and Reading
  • The Brain and Pain
  • The Brain and Tools (basis of brain measurements)
  • The Brain and History (the story of brain research)
  • The Brain and Drugs (drugs)
  • The Brain and Sleep

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