Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

We are calling for innovations and initiatives that are helping to transform assessment in schools for the better. Together with HundrED we will choose the top 10-15 solutions for assessments that take into account the dynamic nature of the relationship between learning and teaching. They will be featured in a special “Spotlight” report. 

Formative assessment refers to a variety of approaches that teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and  academic progress with the possibility to provide targeted feedback and adapt their teaching. Together with HundrED we aim to identify 10-15 impactful and scalable education innovations that promote the systematic use of formative assessments which inform teaching and improve learning for each student.

There is a growing need for methods of assessments that allow teachers to be reflective on how they are teaching, and the possibility that they may need to differentiate the teaching activities according to student’s needs and progress. Formative assessments allow teachers to strengthen students’ motivation and self-regulation through purposeful and regular interaction with students about their learning process.

Effective formative assessment shares learning expectations and learning targets, while also creating a continuous feedback loop to help track students’ understanding and development. Formative assessments can use guided self-assessment and peer assessment to improve learning of each child in a way that takes into account the importance of student agency and motivation in learning.

This project contributes to the  strategic goals of the Jacobs Foundation’s Learning Schools Portfolio and HundrED’s mission of helping every child to flourish in life.

As part of the report, the selected innovations will be highlighted to school networks as innovative solutions. For more information on how to apply go to: