Learning Minds

Forging Coalitions for Evidence Inspired Action

The Jacobs Foundation announces three new coalitions that will enable researchers and social entrepreneurs to jointly create evidence-based education solutions.

The coalitions between academic institutions, accelerators and think-tanks aim to make evidence an integral part of education solutions. Strengthening collaborative efforts between researchers and practitioners empowers the coalitions members to drive change in their communities.

To create impact the Foundation has launched three coalitions:

Berkeley Haas and CERES

Impactful innovations which translate academic research require a pipeline of programs and processes to bring solutions to learners. A coalition between CERES and Berkeley Haas combines both research and industry expertise in a rich ecosystem.

The CERES collaborative network supports world class research to generate breakthrough findings in developmental science and technology to improve learning for children globally. Berkeley Haas has a number of proven methods and programs to commercialize innovation at scale and through which cutting-edge research can move into the market. This powerful combination will bring evidence-backed solutions into the EdTech space.

Our goal is to build a pipeline of impact-minded entrepreneurs in education who draw from world class research in education technology. We will foster the development of evidence-based EdTech solutions through this process.

Reach for Change and Penn GSE

The Jacobs Foundation, The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE), and Jacobs Fellow Partner Schools, will co-design, build, and support a global professional network of entrepreneurial leaders, education researchers, social impact investors, and other changemakers working to transform learning across the globe.

Together with Reach for Change, which is unleashing the power of local social entrepreneurs for children and youth, this new coalition will create tailored learning and leadership experiences that empower social entrepreneurs with the mindsets, knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to build sustainable education solutions. The partnership will support the development of new learning models, leadership pathways, and global networks for change.

Our goal is to build a catalytic ecosystem of entrepreneurial leaders who come together to deeply understand problems; to share research and best practice; to learn, lead, and leverage resources; and to scale transformative education solutions.

Learning Science Exchange with New America

The Learning Science Exchange (LSX) program is designed to foster new and lasting relationships between professionals who share a passion for education and learning, but who may not otherwise connect. The program fosters multi-stakeholder coalitions between creative and talented people working toward positive social impact so they can learn from each other. Participants meet through design challenges, professional development and structured meetups and collaborate on team-led projects.

While the projects are important, the ultimate goal of LSX is connecting people. The aim is to build an expanding interdisciplinary network of leaders. The LSX experience equips fellows with the ability to work across sectors, build shared vocabulary, and activate change in their local context. Fellows further gain a greater global understanding of the science of learning and how to apply it.

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