First European Business Leader Forum on Early Childhood

The Jacobs Foundation together with ReadyNation and four other European foundations host the first Forum for Business Leaders from several European countries at the end of October 2016 to discuss ways the private sector can support early childhood education and care (ECEC) for the benefit of the current and future workforce.

At the first ever European Business Leader Forum on Early Childhood from October 27 till October 28, 2016, the business case for investing in early childhood will be made, examples from companies supporting early childhood will be presented, and senior executives will discuss how the economic sector could play a role. The goal of this interactive conference is to raise awareness for the importance of early childhood education and care amongst senior business leaders and therewith open up new possibilities of funding and implementing early childhood programs in corporations on behalf of their current and future employees, customers and citizenry. To guarantee a productive discussion with the target audience, the conference is by invitation only. However, after the conference lessons learned and further action steps will be shared with the public.

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