Learning Sciences Exchange Fellow

Mariam El Marakeshy

Mariam El Marakeshy is an award-winning filmmaker, multimedia storyteller, reporter, educator, and media consultant, who covered regions across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Previously she worked for the United Nations. Her main focus includes migration, education, environment, cultures, and impact media campaigns. She received many global awards like the UN IOM Global Migration Film Award and the USA Social Impact Media Award.

Mariam is a media educator and lecturer for school and university students as well as industry professionals. She is a fellow for a number of institutions including Radio Netherlands, and Columbia University’s early child development program. Mariam collaborates with multiple organizations as a trainer and consultant on storytelling and media ethics. She has participated in the UNESCO campaign supporting media standards. She is a co-author of the official ethical reporting guidelines prepared for training media outlets in Europe by the European Commission. She has contributed to the Netherlands Platform of International Education’s program on inspirational cooperation in the field of global education.

Her works were included as part of many educational curriculums especially on impact media and multiculturalism, and were screened in global conferences across the Netherlands, Turkey, UK, USA, among others. She believes that it is important to integrate creative arts, geographical thinking, behavioral sciences, and multiculturalism in education. Mariam is also a UN certified facilitator connecting students and professionals from different cultures worldwide under US and EU programs which aim for intercultural communication and understanding.