Learning Sciences Exchange Fellow

Henry Samson Mafulul

My name is Henry Samson Mafulul, I am the Executive Director of the Jos Film Initiative (JOFII), a nonprofit arts and media youth empowerment and development initiative. I am also the CEO of Maverick Film Dept., (MFD), an independent film company in Jos, Nigeria. I have over 15 years of active practice in the entertainment, business and social enterprise sectors. I have directed movies in and outside Nigeria and have initiated and executed numerous trainings, festivals and other creative events.

At JOFII our vision is to bring Industry standard education programs, arts and film festivals, competitions, grants and awards opportunities in creative and cultural arts to Jos youths; while at MFD, our vision is to produce films, documentaries and consulting services using best practices and applying world class standards to our work.

I am passionate about my life’s work. I am creative, innovative and a visionary who believes in the potential of Jos to reinstate its place as the film production capital of Nigeria. I am credible, diligent and reliable- my family and friends (colleagues) know they can count on me. I love reading, writing, intellectual discuss, film/TV review and critique.