Learning Sciences Exchange Fellow

Andrea Goldin

Andrea Goldin graduated in Biological Sciences and has a PhD in Physiological Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. She also holds an Advanced Diploma in Education and New Technologies (at Flacso). She is a Professor and full time researcher for the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) and works at the Laboratory of Neuroscience (Torcuato Di Tella University). For more than two decades she has specialized in Neurosciences, particularly in Cognitive Sciences and Educational Neuroscience. With different experimental approaches Andrea investigates the transfer of learning in real-life settings: Why is it so difficult to apply knowledge to solve different problems.

Andrea is part of the board of directors of Expedicion Ciencia, a LatinAmerican NGO devoted to Science Education. She is an associate at the Center for Evidence-based Policy Evaluation (CEPE-UTDT), she is a consultant expert for the Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy Unit of the National Executive Office of Argentina, and she is part of the brand new UNESCO Chair of Science for Education. She authors more than
twenty scientific papers, published in prestigious international journals and has lectured in several countries.

She has won the Innovators under 35 Award granted by the MIT Technology Review. She has given numerous science outreach talks (including a highly watched TEDx, in Spanish, “Cerebrar la educacion”), trained Science teachers, written academic book chapters, and developed several educational resources for the classroom. She is the author of Neuroscience at the school. A friendly guide (and without blah blah) to understand how the brain works during learning, Published in Spanish by Siglo xxi editores.She is a visiting professor in different national and international institutions and universities.