LEAP Fellow

Sabrina Nagel

Having worked at the intersection of innovation, technology and education for the last twelve years, seeing connections and synergies where others don’t and adding unlikely perspectives is Sabrina’s core strength.

Sabrina’s passion for education, entrepreneurship and sustainability is being combined in her current role at Auckland University of Technology. An experienced CO.STARTERS facilitator and trainer, and a co-founder of primary school Ako Space, Sabrina is also a successful ‘intrapreneur’ working on a number of initiatives ranging from the future of education to setting up a strong support structure encouraging students to start their own businesses. 

Previously, Sabrina spent 5 years working with NZ Startup businesses at Massey University’s Business Incubator ecentre, where she has curated a number of successful technology events and established entrepreneurial programmes. 

More recently, Sabrina has commenced postgraduate studies in the area of entrepreneurship education within the New Zealand schooling system.